Do you want the GOOD News or the BAD NEWS first??  

OK, we'll go with the GOOD NEWS.  We are open and we can ship!  The BAD NEWS, my Out Of State Batches, is that we can only ship within Colorado.  We will be working on this as quickly as we can so that we can ship these yummy morsels (huge ones at that) to all you Batch lovers, as soon as we can!


As for my Colorado cookie lovers, we're here for you! Go ahead and place your order and we will get them to you by the end of the following week.  Once we get your order, we start the love and heat up the oven to get them out as soon as we can.  Once they're packaged up and ready to go, you'll get a notification they're on their way.  So you better go get some milk!

Shipping is a flat fee and will get to you within 2 days of shipping.