How Big Is A Batch?

One Batch is made up of 6, more than a handful, cookies. Each cookie is almost a half pound, MORE if it is stuffed.These cookies are not to be eaten by one person, but if you must...we'll be impressed! If you would like more than 6, you can add them in threes. 

How Can I Order Them?

Watch for the drop every Thursday night! We'll highlight a new Batch every week in our "20 Second Batch Session"at 6pm, MST. We'll make sure to have your faves available every week.  If you're torn and want to try them ALL, we have  "Meet The Batches". If you want to be surprised, we have "Gimme Whatchu Got, Batch. 

What Do I Do When I Get Them?

You may want to eat them all! But, if you don't, put them in the freezer until you are ready to eat them. Bring to room temperature, warm them in the oven at 300 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Out of desperation, you can microwave them for 18-30 seconds. Best when they are gooey and steamy.

Are They Allergy And/Or Gluten Free?

They are NOT allergen free. They are made in the same kitchen with wheat and ingredients from tree nuts.  But we do have some gluten sensitive options made with extra care as to not cross contaminate.Send us a request!

Are they Healthy?

They are delicious and scrumptious if that is what you're asking. 

Do You Ship?

Yes!  We do.But at this time, we are only shipping within Colorado.Watch for announcements for when we ship nationwide.

When do you ship? Once ordered, we do our best to get them out by the following Friday.  They're shipped as soon as they cool off, safely and securely wrapped. If they arrive damaged, please make sure to call the carrier.  They usually cover damages if that occurs.

What If I Am Local?

We don't have a store front yet.  If you'd like them delivered, we can within a 15 mile radius.We'd just need to make arrangements. 

Can I Make A Standing Order?

You love them so much you need them all the time?  We get it! So do we! If you'd like to receive a shipment every month, we can do that. Just mark the box when you place your order and we'll send them out every month. You'll get a notification when they've been shipped and your card is charged. Make sure to keep the milk stocked.

I love them! Can we collaborate?

Yes! We'd love to! Just drop us a note and we'd love to team up.