Spooky Batch

Spooky Batch

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This spooky batch will have you screaming with delight, not fright. 4 Separate flavors to thrill your taste buds. You'll need to fight off the zombies to enjoy these eerie treats. QTY Total 8

Devil's Eye- Rich Red Velvet stuffed with white chocolate chips, oozing marshmallow and dripping chocolate. QTY 2

Kitty's Graveyard-Dark Chocolate with chocolate chips, white chocolate covered Kit Kats smothered by a crushed up Oreo graveyard and a Kit Kat headstone. QTY 2

Franken's Crib- Peanut Butter filled with chocolate chips and mini Reeses PB cups topped with sweet candies and a PB cup for Franken's head. QTY 2

Bloody Batch- Oatmeal chocolate chip with a hint of cinnamon topped with the eye of a newt, bloody and bloodshot. QTY 2


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